all the enchantment of your favorite magical theme park...no plane ticket required.

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We all want to create unforgettable memories for our kids. Watching their eyes light up is one of life's great joys! Being able to share in those moments is what we love most around here, and it is such an honor to create some unforgettable memories for your little ones AND you!

Here at Magic & Merriment, we take our magic very seriously. You will interact with the most talented, beautiful princesses who will charm and enchant you in every moment you spend together. Perfect in appearance and true to their animated counterpart, everyone will delight in their presence.

it's all about

the magic

Give your little princess a gift they will never forget. Watch in awe as you see that joy, that magical moment, that celebrate-a-dream-come-true, heart-soaring feeling washes over them - and you. We want to help you create a celebration you'll all treasure forever.

We believe in making every moment