“Curiouser and curiouser!” 

We hope to answer here all the questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask! Have something to ask that you don’t see? Just pop over to our Contact form and send us a message!

What sets Magic & Merriment apart?

We are committed to the highest quality in everything we do.  Our performers are strikingly beautiful and talented actors, singers, and entertainers.  Our costumes, wigs, and makeup application are of the highest quality and appearance, and are accurate to their animated counterparts.  We offer a specific set of characters, allowing us to provide seasonal dresses and commit to consistency in quality and appearance.  But most of all, you won’t find anyone more passionate about princesses than we are!  It is our greatest joy to spread sunshine and make magic for every little princess we meet!

Are your performers qualified?

All of our performers have experience and training in singing, acting, and improvising.  They are all also qualified to work with children – several of our performers are actually teachers!  In addition to the training they bring to the table, they are all trained in the art of making magical moments and all things princess by Whitney, the owner, who spent considerable time in Orlando as a Disney World Character Performer!  All of Magic & Merriment’s performers have also been background checked.

How old should my child be for a princess visit?

Our princesses love visiting friends of any and every age (we have even been a special guest at a bridal shower!).  Typically, we suggest that your little royal be between the age of two and eight to get the most enjoyment out of her visit.  Some activity options may not be suitable for children under three, so be sure to specify your expected age group when you book!

Do I get the performer in the picture?

One of the incredible things about our performers is how versatile they are!  You will find that most of our performers are friends with a number of different princesses, so you may notice the princess knocking on your door looks slightly different than the one you may have seen in pictures on our website or social media.  What never changes is the highest quality appearance and performance available, and you and you little princess will no doubt be completely mesmerized by the princess that comes to celebrate with you!

(If you would like to request a specific performer, we are happy to check her availability!  Head to our Performers page to get to know our amazing girls, and if you have a special request, simply note it in the message box in our contact form!)

Do you offer any superheroes, Star Wars, or other characters?

We only offer a select number of princess characters, which allows us to keep our quality at the highest level, and means we have the optimum availability for the characters we offer!  We also offer several seasonal versions of our most popular princesses, which you can see on the Princesses page.  If we do introduce a new character, it will be announced on our social media platforms!

How should I choose my experience?

Each package offers something different – and each provides magical moments and an experience your little princess will never forget!  If you are expecting more than twelve royal guests, and would like to book a package with an activity, we suggest the Glass Slipper, which will allow our princess enough time to provide everything you are looking for at the highest standard and with plenty of time! If you do wish to book a smaller package, but are expecting a lot of royal guests, we would suggest booking an additional princess to ensure everything goes smoothly!

Can I book a longer package than what’s listed?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to customize an experience especially for your little princess!  Contact us today using the booking form to inquire about availability and pricing!

Do you do special events or charity events?

We love being a part of special events! We even offer special pricing for larger-scale events, so feel free to contact us for more information.  We currently partner with CMoR and ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation for philanthropic events throughout the year.  If you would like us to be a part of your next charity event or outreach, please contact us using the booking form.

How far in advance should I book a princess?

We suggest you book your princess(es) at least three weeks in advance to ensure you get your first choice! Our royals’ calendars fill very quickly!  You are welcome to select a first and second choice princess when filling out the booking form and make note of which is which in the message box!

How does the booking process work?

Peruse our princesses, select your desired experience, and then head to our booking form!  Provide as many details about your royal celebration as you can, and make note of any special requests!  You will be sent an invoice that confirms your date, details, princess and package selection, and then a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold that date.  The remaining balance will be due, at the latest, twenty-four hours before your event.  All payments are received electronically, unless other arrangements are agreed upon, and are noted on the invoice.

What is the best location to hold my princess party?

We are happy to join any celebration, large or small.  Many people choose to host their party in their home, which is perfectly fine. We require that a chair (or chairs) be provided for your princess(es) for story time, and if you select a package that includes one or more activities, that you provide a space and table approved for them.  Especially for anything involving paint or glitter, be sure you are having your princess(es) conduct the activity in a space you won’t mind getting messy!

We are also happy to join you at a special location, but keep in mind that the princess(es) may need to adjust their visit to accommodate smaller, louder, or otherwise uncontrollable spaces.

When should I have the princess(es) arrive?

We suggest you invite your princess to join you once your party is under way – at least thirty minutes after your stated party start time, to allow your royal guests time to arrive.  This way, you can ensure a very royal grand entrance!

What if I want more than one princess?

We love a good princess combo!  We have the option to add a princess to your package on our booking form, but if you would like more than two princesses to attend your celebration, simply make a note in the message box and we will be happy to accommodate you!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We use an online payment portal that will allow you to pay by debit or credit card, PayPal account, or directly from a bank account.  We also accept Venmo! If you wish to pay by cash or check, please specify this in the message box for more information on our policies.

Do you have a party space?

We do not currently!  Right now, it is our pleasure to join you wherever you may be celebrating! It is our dream to one day open a storefront to accommodate any little princess for her dream birthday party!  We will keep you updated should this dream become a reality!

How far do you travel?

We happily travel anywhere within 25 miles with no mileage fee!  If you are further than 25 miles from us, we are happy to discussing mileage compensation!

Should I tip the perfomer(s)?

Tips are not required, but are always appreciated! If you desire to tip your princess(es), you may do so in cash at the conclusion of the party (we suggest giving them a “thank you note” or passing it discreetly to avoid younger eyes), or you may send a tip through our online payment portal.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured and can provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Do you do special requests?

We are happy to discuss accommodating special requests – just send us the details through our contact form!