Hi Princess!

We are so excited to welcome you to

Magic & Merriment!

This has been a dream of mine for many years now, and I have tears in my eyes (and champagne in my hand!) as I watch this become a reality!

Magic & Merriment is set to become the absolute best in princess entertainment in Richmond and beyond.  Our girls are incredible – gorgeous women with crazy amounts of talent and passion who love being able to create magic moments for the little princesses of RVA.  Pair that with the highest quality costumes, wigs, and makeup available, and the result is, well, magical!

As the owner of this wonderful company, I am a stickler for quality and consistency, because I know that they ensure every princess visit is the most magical and unforgettable it could be.  As a former Disney character performer, I am fully trained in the minute details of creating unforgettable experiences, and I pass along this level of excellence to all of our performers.

Basically, we are constantly working on improving and perfecting ourselves in the hopes of offering you and your little the most incredible experience that you will never forget.  We believe that every moment can be magical!

For even more glimpses into all the magic and glamour, be sure to head to our social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) for that extra dose of princess pizzazz!

But enough about us!  We want to know what YOU are excited about – what you are looking for from a princess experience, which characters your little princess is obsessed with this week, and what really sells you on the idea of a princess party.  We love knowing how we can make your party (and foot, even your life!) more magical!

We are just so excited to be celebrating with you. 🙂



Princess Whitney